The McDermott Family ~ Austin, TX family photographer

Being a photographer and getting to work with so many different families and different kinds of people is SO interesting. Every single session is completely different based on the personalities and chemistry of those I'm photographing and how we all work together - I never quite know what I'll be in for when I drive up to a shoot! Sure keeps things exciting. :) 

Anyway, this family you're about to see have been loyal clients of mine for a while now, and I can honestly say they are one of the most fantastic families ever. They have SO much fun together and are just bursting with love for one another... it's the sweetest thing to see. I've had a wonderful time with them each and every session we've had together, and I think it always shows in their super fun images. Here's a few of my favorites! Thanks again for being awesome, McDermott Fam! 

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  1. His perfectly perfect brown eyes and her perfect blue's, I swear those babes are stunning. J, the way you capture light and spin it however you do is my favorite thing. You're good my dear, very good. I think I tell you this every time I comment but I don't care. That field is to die for, no? Yes.

  2. Wow these are awesome! How in the world do you get the babies eyes to POP like that?


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