The McCallick Family ~ San Antonio, TX family photographer

The family you're about to see is especially special to me because, well, they're family! Cousins on my husband's side, and I was so very honored to be asked to take their pictures. I've watched these little girls grow up, and also watched their lovely mama battle cancer with incredible grace and strength. WHAT a family! We met at Mission San Jose, which was really neat for me since I lived in San Antonio for 13 years and only ever visited the Alamo!

After our session, mama Amy sent me a text and let me know they had to take Harley (the youngest) in to the urgent care clinic, and it turned out she had an ear infection... poor baby! She had seemed pretty miserable towards the end of our session, but we had chalked it up to the "terrible two's." Turned out she had a very legitimate reason for being cranky! I'm so happy we managed to get a few photos of her sweet face and beautiful little smile, regardless.

Enjoy a few of my favorite photos here below...


  1. you have such wonderful photos here. family pictures are always brilliant to keep and look at. you should get some up on your wall.

  2. What a photogenic little girl! So cute :)



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