Megan ~ San Antonio, TX portrait photographer

It's possible I'm a wee bit biased, but I think the girl in these next pictures is awful pretty. :) The bias part comes in because she also happens to be my best friend! I took these photos just before her wedding rehearsal at Incarnate Word University down in San Antonio. The timing and light were absolutely divine, her dress and hair perfection, and that red bridge? Well, let's just say my photographer heart was in pure heaven. Enjoy the pretty pictures!


  1. Wow!!! The bokeh, the light, the color!So beautiful! I love the naturally posed look of these pictures

  2. Jenni, these are just amazing! Wonderful wonderful job!

  3. You know my best friend is a photographer. I die over photography.

    but uhm, Jenni.. your black and white edit is stunning, stunning, stunning. it's perfect.

    that's all.

    (so nice)

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