Alex's Headshots ~ Austin, TX headshot photograher

One day back in September, the owner and founder of Kolakube.com, Alex, tweeted out to his followers that he was looking for a photographer in Austin to take his professional headshots, and someone--get this!--in AUSTRALIA (a reader of my personal blog!) replied to him saying he should go with j. noel! Pretty fantastic, isn't it? The way social media connects people? 

Here are a few great shots from our early morning shoot in downtown Austin! CHECK OUT those baby blues! :)


  1. Um...how old is he?? He is adorable!! And owns his own company?! Hmm... ;)

  2. All your sessions are great, but I love these especially! And I agree with Courtney... I'm feeling a bit behind in life now. ;)

  3. I clicked over to his site to see what his business is about, and holy... He has a business at 19? Well, now my 28 years feel like a waste. ;)

    Great shots, Jenni!

  4. These are amazing shots! I had a photo session with a guy in November and I had a hard time just trying to figure out how to get him to pose without looking silly. Guys are so hard. haha Anyway, these are amazing!!

  5. He is stinking adorable. Great shots!!


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