Becca & Carter ~ Austin, Tx Family Photographer

The drop-dead gorgeous girl you're about to see in the following photos is an oooold friend of mine, dating back to around 5th grade and then junior high... at which point we jointly partook in FAR too much glitter and lipgloss usage. She grew up to produce the equally drop-dead gorgeous little boy, Carter, in the following photos, and well... subjects like these make me one happy photographer. Hope you enjoy my favorite shots from the session!


  1. Hey Jenni! Guess who? haha.
    Love those pictures! That boy...sigh. He's the cutest! Your friend made a very cute kid!
    Your friend looks pretty in the pictures as well. That's pretty cool that you've known each other so long. AND keep in touch! :)

  2. omg!! I love this Mother/ Son shoot. I really wish you were in Los Angeles.

  3. Love, love these pictures. Such a lovely boy and those deep blue eyes are beautiful :)


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