Amelia & Jason are having a baby! ~ Austin, TX maternity photographer

I should amend this post title to say that Amelia and Jason HAD a baby - a beautiful and healthy baby girl. Congratulations to the new family of three!

Before we dive into today's photos, I'd just like to say that this session was truly exceptional. Amelia is, I believe, the world's most photogenic human, and we got SO many fabulous shots. Amelia is also a photographer herself, and she came to the session with lots of fun posing ideas, and also, PROPS! My favorite!

Here's a little piece of advice to anyone planning to take professional photos in the future: get involved in your session!  Make a board on Pinterest with inspiration for the types of shots you'd like, and send it to your photographer. Bring along fun props like colorful blankets, banners, a picnic basket, books, flowers, hats, silly glasses, a picture frame, an antique chair... almost anything! Every single time I've had a client bring props, their session yielded more and better pictures. Win-win!

Enjoy this lovely maternity session...

Welcome baby ELLA! :)


  1. Perfect props! I love the shot of him reading the baby book. Simply gorgeous.

  2. These were very very beautiful.... and the darling little shoes!! oh, my....

  3. um hello! Can you please live in Washington, DC instead???

  4. this session is so so so beautiful. I want to be right there!!


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